12 Miles of Christmas – A fun and interactive way to fundraise online for ACCORD Hospice

Date Posted: 1 Nov, 2022

This year, ACCORD Hospice will be hosting the 12 Miles of Christmas – a new FUNdraising experience. Participants will be asked to travel a distance of 12 miles from the 1st-25th December, in the most fun and festive way they can think of. Registration opens 1st November!

Being able to sign up through the online fundraising page, Fundraising, participaints can receive donations for the Hospice in new, fun, and exciting ways. For example, they can link their Fundraising page to their Spotify account which will allow people to select their favourite festive song to be automatically added to the participants fundraising playlist, helping boost their Christmas-spirit through their 12-mile journey.

For participants to register for the Hospice for FREE and automatically set up their Fundraising page, they’ll have to sign up through our link to GivePenny here: https://givepenny.com/campaign/accord-12moc

Don’t worry – there’s no need to get the running gear out (unless you want to). You can get The 12 Miles of Christmas done by chucking on a Christmas jumper, getting out for a walk, delivering cards, or even shopping for last-minute presents. Sign up and we’ll send you lots of ideas on how you can get your miles done, in as Christmassy a way as possible!

It’s the excuse for you to have a bit of fun in the lead up to Christmas Day and raise money for the patients and families at the Hospice.

An interesting way to fundraise; participants can add their own personal fundraising goals, and are able to ask donators to pledge a certain amount per mile they complete. For example if a donator pledged £2 per mile, once the particpant completes their 12 mile journey, they’ll be emailed to make a £24 donation.

To track participants journey, they can connect their Fundraising page to Strava – an app that will track any physical journey and upload it to the participants GivePenny page to show-off their progress.

We encourage participants to get friends, family and colleauges involved in their journey – whether thats by taking part or donating. But most importantly, have fun and get creative! Participants should try and think of a fun and unique way to make their miles special, as this will encourage others to donate to their page.

David McFadden, Fundraising & Communications Manager at ACCORD Hospice, said: ”This new initiative is really exciting for us, as it will allow us to reach a different audience through the online, interactive integration through GivePenny. We hope participants will enjoy their time, and encourage anyone who’s interested to get involved, spread the word, and get in contact with the Hospice if they require any help setting up their page.”