Call for help to shape Glasgow City Region Good Employment Charter

Date Posted: 11 Jan, 2024

Glasgow City Region is calling for help to shape the development of a Good Employment Charter to promote fair and healthy work practices across the Region.

Complete the Region’s short survey to give your views before Thursday 18 January 2024 and help to ensure the Charter benefits everyone across the Region.

The Charter, which is endorsed by the Glasgow City Region Anchor Network, will be a voluntary scheme open to all employers across Glasgow City Region which will support workplaces to embrace good employment in ways that support fair pay, opportunity and progression for all.

It is anticipated that signing up to the Charter will support employers in a number of ways, from helping to attract employees and providing access to a unique support network, to helping you to increase your long-term employee retention rate.

Giving your views can help to ensure that the Charter is designed in the best way possible to support businesses and employers – and will help to shape exactly what this support will look like.