Close Contact Services Fund – Applications Open Monday

Date Posted: 11 Feb, 2022

The Close Contact Services Fund will provide a one-off payment to support eligible close contact service businesses impacted by the COVID restrictions and guidance introduced from 9 December 2021 to 24 January 2022 to control the Omicron variant.

The grant is a one-off payment of:

  • £1,000 for self-employed businesses
  • £1,500 for non-domestic rates (NDR) registered businesses with premises

As part of the application, businesses should prepare:

  • a bank statement for the full month of December 2021 (this should be a business bank account if you have one)
  • details of the same bank account shown in the statement (you will need to enter these separately for verification purposes)
  • Note that the bank account you provide will be the same account the award is paid in to.
  • Self-employed businesses should also prepare their Unique Tax Reference (UTR) statement for 2021/2022 (copy or digital).
  • Non-domestic rates (NDR) registered businesses should also prepare their NDR statement for 2021/2022 (copy or digital).

All of the above information can be uploaded to the application.

Applications will open on Monday 14 February and close on Friday 4 March 2022.

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