Free Upskilling Workshops for Renfrewshire SMEs in Cobotics & 3D Printing

25 Apr, 2024


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What is PRODIGY? The ‘PROductivity and Digital Innovation for Growing Your business’ programme will deliver a series of hands-on upskilling workshops designed to give local manufacturing SMEs an enhanced understanding of how cobotics & 3D printing can help improve their effi-ciency and innovation, through levering developments in manufacturing technology and upskilling their workforce.

How does it work?
PRODIGY has four phases from awareness to deployment. It is structured to cater to diverse audiences and digital readiness levels, allowing participants to engage with the programme at the most appropriate stage, from initial awareness to deployment, and receive tailored support.

Where does it take place?
All demonstrations and workshops will be held at the flagship NMIS Netherton facility, next to Glasgow Airport. The final phase will see a selected group of companies take the equipment to their own sites for a hands-on trial. Various waves of the programme will run from April 2024 to January 2025.

Who has developed PRODIGY?
The is being fully funded by Renfrewshire Council’s Business Development Fund, part of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. It has been created & delivered by the Manufacturing Skills Academy (MSA), part of the National Manufacturing Institute of Scotland (NMIS).

Are you a Renfrewshire SME? Scan the QR Code in the attachment below to register for the first Demo day on the 25th of April.

GENERAL ENQUIRIES: If you would like to find out more about the suitability of the programme for your organisation or if you have any other enquiries email us at



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