TRANSFORM: Digital Session 1

13 Jun, 2023


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A programme of 3 webinars aimed at SME businesses looking to improve their usage of digital marketing to better engage their customers while helping deliver business objectives.

Delivered by Gary Ennis from NSDesign on the 13th, 20th and 27th June 2023 (10am – 12pm).

1. Business Website Fundamentals

This workshop covers some of the required fundamentals to ensure your existing business is successful in helping you reach and influence your target audience, and will look at:

  • Website Strategy and Objectives
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Best practice design and usability

The session will also include some live audits of attendee websites with feedback given on how to improve them.  By the end of the workshop you will have the knowledge necessary to improve your website and increase visitor numbers.

2. Social Media for Business Masterclass

Social Media is much more than just a promotional tool.  Used effectively, you can truly engage and influence your target market audience and achieve better business objectives.  Used wrongly, and you’re likely just wasting your time hoping for some vanity likes.

This session aims to ensure you remain ‘business focused’ with your own usage of social media and will cover:

  • The current social landscape
  • The power of social influence
  • Creative social media business examples
  • The business dangers of social media
  • Practical Tips and Tricks

There will also be time for questions, and some live audits of attendee social media profiles (with advice and recommendations given).

3. Planning, Producing and Scheduling engaging online content

You cannot “do” Digital without content.  Producing quality content is an excellent way of helping your customers find you, trust you, and ultimately develop a meaningful relationship with your brand, services and products. In this final session we will show you how toresearch, source, and develop a variety of content for your digital channels, and provide some tools that ensure the phrase “I don’t know what to say” is a thing of the past!

  • Content Planning Activities
  • The role of Artificial Intelligence
  • The pros and cons of Scheduling tools

Businesses who plan their content in advance, aligning their channels with actual business objectives, customer themes and national events, and then schedule it to ensure it reaches the target market at the right time, on the right platform – hugely increase the chances of achieving impact.

Places are limited to a maximum of 20 and one person per organisation. TRANSFORM: Digital is free to Chamber Members. You should be able to attend all 3 sessions.To apply for a place, please email Jill Carrino on