ChamberCustoms® entered the customs market to help businesses who may have to declare import and export declarations for the first time since Brexit. Through this offering, we provide hassle-free customs advice and services.

ChamberCustoms® delivers a customs declaration service for importers and exporters, of all sizes, across the United Kingdom. With our extensive knowledge, reputation, and first-class service, we can take the hassle out of your hands when it comes to exporting and importing goods.

The service is offered directly to businesses and through UK freight forwarders, ensuring that customs clearance is accurate, timely and avoids additional costs through delays or errors.

With direct links to the HMRC Customs handling system and all inventory-linked ports, we can ensure that your goods, no matter where they enter or leave the UK, will be cleared for onward transportation smoothly. 

Why ChamberCustoms®?

We’re Connected

Unlike other customs brokers, freight forwarders and agents we don’t subcontract your declarations. You deal directly with our UK based team with direct access to HMRC and all port inventory systems.

£ Savings

There is a minimal cost of getting it right when compared to the cost of getting it wrong. Our in-depth knowledge and experience can save you money by declaring the right commodity codes, claiming and offering preferential tariffs, knowing when tariffs can be applied, and taking advantage of UK International Deals and free trade arrangements.


A customs declaration is a tax return, one you make on every consignment. ChamberCustoms® are specialists. We focus solely on the fiscal elements of the goods. We make sure that your declarations to HMRC are compliant with the latest border operating model.

ChamberCustoms® are here to support you through the changes post-Brexit

How goods are cleared at the UK Borders has changed and now involves more paperwork and know-how than ever before.

Want to know more?

Download the Chamber Customs handbook

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