Jubilee awards recognise role of Braehead mall’s First Responders

Date Posted: 7 Jul, 2022

The team of First Responders at Braehead shopping centre have been praised for their dedication in responding to emergency calls.

Several members of the mall’s security staff have been specially trained by the Scottish Ambulance Service. This training focuses on how to deal with certain kinds of medical emergencies until paramedics arrive.

Now, Jason Barnes, Amy Woodcock, Muhammad Awais and Louise Reynolds have been presented with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee commemorative coins. Paul-Scott Wiggins also received the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal in acknowledgement of their service of their expertise, dedication and care.

Claire Duijnisveld, Paramedic Team Leader from the Scottish Ambulance Service visited Braehead to present the coins and medal.

Claire said: “I’m delighted to present a Jubilee medal and coins to the First Responders at Braehead.
“The Jubilee coins were presented to Louise, Amy, Jason and Mohammed in recognition of their dedication to responding to emergency calls over the past four years.

“The centre’s environmental and security manager, Paul-Scott was also awarded a Jubilee medal in appreciation of more than five years of commitment to responding.

“The aim of the First Responders is to reach potentially life-threatening emergencies within the shopping centre in the first vital minutes before the ambulance crew arrives.

“We are grateful to all of our Community First Responders who are a vital link in the chain of survival.”
Peter Beagley, Braehead centre director said: “The presentation of the Platinum Jubilee commemorative coins and medal to our staff by the Scottish Ambulance Service is much appreciated.

“It’s heartening that our staff, who have taken the time to train as First Responders, get the recognition they deserve for their hard work, skills and dedication.

“Braehead is a much safer place thanks to our First Responders.”

Image: From left, Braehead security staff member, Muhammad Awais. Claire Duijnisveld, Paramedic Team Leader from the Scottish Ambulance Service. Braehead’s Paul-Scott Wiggins. Louise Reynolds and Amy Woodcock.