Request from COVID-19 Recovery Committee – Labour Market Event

Date Posted: 1 Nov, 2022

The COVID-19 Recovery Committee are looking at the impact the pandemic has had on Scotland’s labour market, with a focus on long-term illness and early retirement.
They want to understand what sectors are most affected by this and what can/should be done to encourage people back into work.

The Committee will be hosting an informal, online meeting on the morning of Thursday, 24th November and is inviting anyone with experience of this to come along.

Is your business being affected by labour shortages? Struggled to recruit since the COVID-19 pandemic?

Join the COVID-19 Recovery Committee at the Scottish Parliament to share your feedback and insights on the labour market and how people can be supported back into work, through a one-off online event on the 24th of November.

You can sign up to take part here.