SCC comment on the resignation of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Date Posted: 15 Feb, 2023

Commenting on the First Minister’s resignation, Dr Liz Cameron CBE, Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

“Regardless of political persuasion, we can all agree that the First Minister has been a committed, dedicated and passionate public servant for Scotland. We have agreed and disagreed on economic policies but we have always found common ground on the importance of promoting Scotland on the world stage to boost our exports and promote investment.

“As we look ahead to whoever becomes the next First Minister, a full in-tray of issues requiring immediate attention awaits them.

“Urgency, action and partnership will be the watchwords from the business community. These will be essential parameters to create a business environment in Scotland which is growth-led and competitive. We will continue to work with the next First Minister as genuine partners as we collectively grow the economy as well as correcting regulatory policies which are not practically working for businesses.”