SCC Comment on Workplace Parking Levy Vote

Date Posted: 22 Feb, 2022

Commenting on the Scottish Parliament’s Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee vote on the Workplace Parking Levy, Dr Liz Cameron CBE, Chief Executive of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce said:

“Scotland’s businesses will be incredibly disappointed that the Committee didn’t recommend scrapping or further deferring the Workplace Parking Levy.

“Rather than supporting Scotland’s economic recovery from the pandemic, this additional financial burden on businesses and their employees’ risks undermining growth.

“Businesses are just starting to recover from the severe financial impact of the past two years and employees are facing a rising cost-of-living crisis, neither can afford uncapped charges being placed on them for simply using their car to commute.

“Employers and employees in both rural and urban areas have expressed concerns over the impact the WPL could have on them. Businesses operating shifts in a range of sectors from food and drink, manufacturing to hospitality and retail have particular concerns over the availability and feasibility of employees getting to their place of work on public transport. Town and city centre recovery also relies on office worker footfall and WPL would further depress this vital part of our economy.

“Businesses will now be looking for guarantees from local authorities that they will support growth and ditch any plans to implement this damaging levy.”