SCC response to Chancellor’s Growth Plan

Date Posted: 23 Sep, 2022

Commenting on the Chancellor’s Growth Plan, Dr Liz Cameron CBE, Director & Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said: 

“The Chancellor’s commitment to pro-growth and pro-enterprise policies will be eagerly welcomed by businesses. The specifics on reducing business costs, cutting red tape and boosting infrastructure development are exactly the levers the UK Government should be pulling to support economic growth.

“The plans for Investment Zones strike an ambitious tone but these plans must provide equitable benefits to the UK nations ensuring new economic activity is generated, not simply displaced from one location to another. Similarly, fixing the complex and burdensome planning system must be a joint priority for both the Scottish and UK Government if we are to attract investors.   

“As we look ahead to the Scottish Government’s emergency budget, businesses and households now play the waiting game to see if the Scottish Government opts to take similar moves. With control of powers such as income tax and land & buildings transaction tax devolved to Scotland, the expectation will be for Scottish Government to deliver parity with the rest of the UK. Divergence between the nations risks dampening business and investor confidence.

“The string of policy announcements from the Chancellor signal a bold start. As firms continue to navigate unprecedented challenges in the economy, consistent collaboration and partnership will be essential between both governments and the business community if we are to move from survival to growth.”