Scottish Chambers Leaders Call for Political Consensus for Economic Growth

Date Posted: 1 Dec, 2023

At a national business event in Glasgow, the leaders of Scottish Chambers of Commerce will call for a political consensus for economic growth as the country prepares for a UK General Election. Stephen Leckie, President of Scottish Chambers of Commerce will urge politicians to focus on competitiveness, internationalisation, and sustainability to capture future economic growth.

Addressing a national audience of Scottish business leaders, Stephen Leckie, President of Scottish Chambers of Commerce (pictured) will say:

“Our economy is at a crossroads. There are clear decisions that must be made – many in the hands of our respective political leaders. What I say to them is that the direction you take, will determine the fate of our people, our economy, and businesses for generations to come. As we approach a General Election next year, regardless of which direction the political wind is blowing, we need our politicians to reach a consensus on economic growth. Political will is essential to take the first step and the Chamber Network is here to work with you to create growth and opportunities.”

On Competitiveness, Stephen Leckie will say:

“I’d call on all Governments to avoid policy decisions which create unintended consequences against the business community. I’d ask our leaders to stop taxing and disincentivising business growth and entrepreneurship. That’s why we need a long-term tax strategy and a clear policy agenda – laser-focused on business confidence and investment.”

Dr Liz Cameron CBE, Director & Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, will say:

“Let’s be clear we are not out of crisis yet. That is why we need decision makers to support us by designing policies which promote a new economic narrative which enables growth. What we do not need are blockages and barriers which recently have resulted in painful and expensive consequences for business.”