What work requires a Building Warrant in Scotland?

Date Posted: 25 Jan, 2024

25th January 2024 – Written by Norman MacKenzie, Senior Architectural Technician at Mabbett

Do I need a building warrant?

It’s a question our architects are routinely asked as they work on projects around the UK. Whilst it depends on the project, more often than not, the answer is ‘yes’. While it’s well-known that a building warrant is needed for new builds and extensions, it’s the smaller tasks, such as minor works and alterations, where obtaining a building warrant can be overlooked.

In this article, Norman MacKenzie, Senior Architectural Technician outlines when a building warrant is required.

As per the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004, examples of works requiring building warrant approval include:

– increasing the floor area of the building (e.g. creation of a mezzanine floor or the infill of a stair well).
– demolition or alteration of the roof (e.g. forming a dormer window or construction of a masonry chimney through the roof).
– demolition or alteration of the external walls (e.g. slapping a new window or door, applying an external wall cladding system).
– demolition or alteration of an element of structure (e.g. removal of a loadbearing wall).
– work adversely affecting a separating wall (e.g. installing recessed electrical sockets).
– work involving a change to wastewater discharge (e.g. disconnection from the mains system).

Norman remarks,

“the above minor works are often carried out by homeowners or clients without the knowledge a building warrant is required. This can be an issue when the property is sold on and there is no completion certificate for the alterations.”

It’s important to note that the above list is not exhaustive – speak to your architectural professional directly to ensure that you get the correct guidance. Furthermore, some alterations will also require Planning and Listed Building Consent so always check with your local Planning Authority office.

Obtaining a Building Warrant for your Works

Our architects bring decades of multi-sector commercial, residential, and industrial experience and strong relationships with statutory bodies/planning departments in preparation of, and amendments to building warrants.

The Team will navigate the Building Regulations, prepare the construction drawings and specifications liaising as needed with other consultants and regulatory bodies.

We also have in house Accredited Energy Assessors to undertake SAP calculations required for new builds or developments to accompany the building warrant application.

Contact Norman at NMackenzie@mabbett.eu to learn more or, request building warrant support for your project.