Where Business Belongs

Date Posted: 17 May, 2023

Attitude is the small thing that makes a big difference. It gives us the power to break free from the things that hold us back. And when we use it, great things can happen.

It’s why in these fiercely urgent days, attitude really does matter. In every town and city, businesses are working hard. Showing the very best of themselves, demonstrating the guts to go for it, the courage to care, and the vision for growth. It’s nothing short of the right stuff for tough times.

These companies are the backbone of our nation. And realising their potential is what our future relies on. It’s what drives us at Chamber of Commerce Network. The incredible stories of everyday businesses. A powerful collective ready for opportunities, but realistic about the scale of the task and difficult decisions ahead.

As a partner to business, we bring the combined strength of companies rooted in communities and we stand their corner on the national stage, giving them a place to belong, be inspired and grow.

We have a unique national Network with local knowledge and a global reach in over 75 markets across the world. That’s why we invite you to join us and become a member of the British Chambers of Commerce.

Who we are and what we do

The Chambers of Commerce are a dynamic Network of 53 accredited UK Chambers and in over 75 international markets, committed to creating a platform for businesses to shape the economy for the better.

With a powerful national and international Network that amplifies its members voices, Chambers of
Commerce gives companies the opportunity to drive change in their communities and on the global stage.

With over 160 years of history and Chambers in every region of the UK, the Chamber of Commerce Network
is committed to giving companies a place to be inspired, the support to grow, and a space where every
business belongs.

A community for business

At Chambers of Commerce, we represent every business from the local to the global. When you become a
member, we are part of your community, and you are part of ours. When you join the Chambers of Commerce
Network, you discover the power of a collective where every business belongs.

In every town and city, businesses are working hard to make a difference. They’re creating jobs, driving
innovation, and building strong communities. At Chambers of Commerce, we give businesses a place to
belong, a space to inspire and a Network that empowers them to grow.

Delivering the support business needs to grow

We give companies a voice on a national platform, empowering them to shape the country for the better.
We understand the attitude needed to have real impact and use our knowledge, connections and influence to
help businesses thrive.

Our team are leaders in business, in terms of scale, operational effectiveness, use of partnerships, and our
commitment to our members. We are renowned for the quality of our advocacy, innovation and leadership.

Our strong performance is testament to our success and the stability of our organisation. Our focus on
member representation and operational excellence has led to policy influence on everything from advocating
on trade agreements to securing better local infrastructure.

Our dynamic and experienced team is dedicated to achieving success for our members’ businesses. Our
leadership team has a proven track record of delivering results and is comprised of experts in policy and
business. We are always seeking to attract top talent to our team, and we invest in our employees to ensure
they can deliver the best results for our members.

Making a difference in the community

The Chamber of Commerce Network is a socially responsible organisation that prioritises giving back to the
community. We are committed to supporting local initiatives, promoting social mobility, and investing in
our communities. Our goal is to create sustainable and thriving businesses that benefit everyone who lives in
and around our Chambers. We believe that business can be successful while also having a positive impact on
the world around us.

We create opportunities that deliver for people and places, bringing together businesses to drive change.
We make connections that enable companies to support each other and grow together.

We have a unique ability to combine deep local knowledge with a remarkable reach. In challenging times,
Chambers are focused on making the UK’s towns and cities the best places to start and grow a business.

A movement with momentum

We are building a movement with momentum. We are always on your side and by your side. Solving
problems, taking action, and backing your business. We are run by businesses for businesses, and our history
is the history of our local communities.

We use the power of the collective to influence government and solve the challenges businesses are facing.
We unite our member base to drive change that works for people and makes a difference to the towns and
cities where we operate.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We are always exploring new ways to enhance our offering and drive
growth. We are committed to continuously improving and evolving, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve
and offer our members the best possible representation, advocacy and support.