WRC Recycling Celebrates Silver Anniversary: 25 Years of Growth and Success

Date Posted: 28 Jun, 2023

Family-run waste management firm prepares to celebrate yet another major milestone as WRC Recycling marks 25 years since the business was born in 1998.

Previously a small plastic recycling business, WRC Recycling has transfigured into one of Scotland’s leading waste management companies respected by many in the field. Attributing its unwavering success to the drive and commitment of its core workforce, the business has hailed the importance of investment – both in people and plant – innovation, and collaboration in the delivery of an ambitious growth strategy.

Over the last twenty-five years, WRC has prioritised service delivery and performance whilst ensuring its operation continues to expand into new markets to allow it to provide its customers with a cradle-to-grave recycling solution.

The family-focused ethos that is cemented throughout WRC at every level has allowed the business to retain a core staff that has been instrumental in supporting the Capper family with their aspirations of driving the business forward.

Robert Capper, WRC Managing Director, said:

“The 25th year anniversary of WRC is a huge milestone for us as a business but also for us as a family. It is important for us to recognise the impact good people have had on our business and we would like to extend our thanks to our staff, partners, and suppliers for supporting the journey of WRC over the last 25 years.

“Looking forward, it will remain a priority for us to champion investment and service expansion to allow us to serve as wide of a customer base as possible, and we are hopeful that this will entail further geographical expansion should the right site come along”.

In the last year, WRC has significantly boosted its internal capabilities through the installation of an on-site Material Recovery Facility (MRF) at its base in Inchinnan. Since its installation, the business has achieved a 98% recycling rate for all mixed Construction material that is fed through the plant to produce segregated waste streams that are free from contamination.

The business’s silver anniversary milestone comes shortly after its appointment of two new Director’s – the first out with the Capper family – which was announced in April this year. Although the business has considerably advanced since its inception, its mission to support Scottish businesses with a turnkey waste management solution remains a key piece of its DNA.