SCC: New Prime Minister Liz Truss Must Take Immediate Action to Support Scottish Business

Date Posted: 5 Sep, 2022

Reacting to the announcement of the new Prime Minister, Dr Liz Cameron CBE, Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:  

“We would like to congratulate Liz Truss on becoming the UK’s new Prime Minister.

“Scotland’s business community is united in its calls for immediate action to be taken to support the Scottish & UK economy; urgent measures are needed now to deal with the costs’ emergency.

“Scottish businesses have been telling us of eye-watering increases in their energy bills and that it is near impossible to find new fixed term contracts to buffer against further price hikes. This is simply not sustainable.

“Scottish Chambers of Commerce Network has set out an action plan to support businesses. It is now essential that we see swift movement on our proposals. The plan is not just about ensuring critical support for businesses. It is also about protecting jobs and households, securing livelihoods, and creating a vibrant and prosperous society.”